Children and Tick-Borne Disease

Children are at risk of tick exposures both within Colorado and when traveling out of state. Our children can be exposed through play, sports, camps, school field trips, contact with pets and family activities, running through grass and rolling on the ground. Doing what kids do!

There are currently 20 known tick-borne diseases in the United States and 7 of those diseases are reportable in the State of Colorado.

According to the CDC, the highest infection rates of Lyme disease occur in children, ages 5 to 9. Of the over 300,000 people infected in the U.S. each year, one in four is a child.

Keep in mind that children exposed to Lyme disease may present with unique symptoms. Sometimes neurological/cognitive symptoms are the only symptoms that present in a child with a Lyme infection. The tick that transmits Lyme and sometimes multiple co-infections is as tiny as a poppy seed and may be easily missed.

This tiny tick may be easily missed. Complete thorough tick checks on your children!

Completing daily TICK CHECKS on your children after time spent outdoors is so important! Timely and proper removal of ticks reduces the chance of disease transmission. Recognition of the potential signs and symptoms of tick-borne illnesses is crucial in getting timely diagnosis and treatment for your children.

Protect your children by becoming informed on prevention measures, proper tick removal and signs and symptoms of disease. Ticks that can transmit disease can be as small as a poppy seed and easily missed. Thorough DAILY tick checks are so important in preventing tick-borne infections.