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Research Study Recruitment: Congenital Lyme Disease

Research Study Recruitment: Congenital Lyme Disease

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Pregnant participants needed for study!

Children’s National Hospital – Congenital Infection Program has launched a pilot study being led by Sarah Mulkey, MD, PhD, “Pregnancy and Early Neurodevelopmental Outcomes Following In Utero Lyme Disease Exposure.”

The study is actively recruiting pregnant volunteers to participate in questionnaires, one fetal MRI and ultrasound, one infant MRI and ultrasound, two in-person neurology evaluations, and two blood draws.

This study will assess the feasibility of evaluation for outcomes of pregnancies of women affected by Lyme disease infection. Brain development of fetuses, infants, and children exposed to Lyme disease in utero will be assessed. Infants will be followed from birth to age 18 months.




Study participants will be reimbursed for their travel up to 230 miles each way to Washington, DC for each in-person study visits.

An additional qualitative study will be initiated in 2024 to help guide future research on child and family outcomes after congenital Lyme exposure. Clinicians who refer patients to study who are subsequently enrolled in the study will have opportunity to join the Lyme in Pregnancy Working Group.

This study is funded by the Clinical Trials Network for Lyme and Other Tick-borne Diseases which is supported by a grant from the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation, the largest private funder of Lyme and tick-borne disease research in the country.

Link to Screening Survey: Lyme in Pregnancy Study Participant

For questions about study, please email Meagan at