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Tick Testing & Identification

Tick Testing & Identification

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Save the Tick!

You may wish to save the tick for identification or testing.  Identification and testing of ticks cannot determine if transmission of a disease has or has not occurred, however knowing which species of tick you have been bitten by, what pathogens they may be carrying, and in which region of the country you were exposed may aid in your discussions with your medical care provider regarding diagnosis and treatment considerations. Remember NO testing is 100% reliable! Negative results do not necessarily mean no disease transmission.  Ticks may carry pathogens for which tests are not yet commercially available.

Never wait on results of tick testing to see a doctor, especially if experiencing any signs of illness. Never ignore signs of illness even if tick test results are negative. The tick that was tested may not be the only tick that bit.

  • Save the tick in a plastic zip lock bag or other small airtight container noting the location and date of the tick bite in case testing of the tick is desired. Contact the individual testing centers for preservation and shipping instructions.  Do not place in scotch tape!

Tick Identification and Testing Centers


Ticknology is a Colorado based company offering affordable tick testing for 8 diseases including Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Borrelia miyamotoi, Borrelia mayonii, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Ehrlichiosis & Tularemia. Low fee tick testing is made possible through the commercial sales of their innovative products and tick removal kits. Ticknology supports the Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease community. Sharing a common goal of disease awareness and prevention, COTBDAA was the Ticknology sponsorship recipient for 2017, and received 5% of Universal Tick Test revenue for 2017! Ticknology has been a community partner since 2017! 

IGeneX, Inc.

IGeneX, Inc. is a specialized clinical reference laboratory focusing on Lyme disease and other associated Tick-Borne diseases.  IGeneX, Inc. was founded in 1991 and since then has provided personalized service to private practice physicians, hospitals, and other clinical reference laboratories worldwide. IGeneX is recognized worldwide as offering the most comprehensive testing available by hiring highly skilled professional laboratory personnel and using the most advanced techniques and instruments.

US Army Public Health Center

Department of Defense health care facilities, provided by the APHC, offer free tick identification and testing for military personnel and their dependents. For additional information or to request services, contact the Tick-borne Disease Lab: by phone (410) 436-5421 or by email

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
TBD Webpage

CDPHE accepts tick submissions from Colorado veterinarians as part of their passive surveillance efforts. Tick species identification is being done by the medical entomologist, however no tick testing is conducted nor available for the public.


TickTracker is the first app that helps users report and track ticks in real time.


TickEncounter offers tick identification services and testing through their partnership with UMass Laboratory of Medical Zoology, TickReport.

**If outside of Colorado, you may also check with the individual state or county public health departments for additional identification and testing opportunities available to residents.