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The Quiet Epidemic: 2023 CO Film Tour Continues

The Quiet Epidemic: 2023 CO Film Tour Continues

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The Quiet Epidemic…a powerful film and a call to action!

The Colorado Film Tour of The Quiet Epidemic would not be possible without the all the partnerships, our all-volunteer board, volunteers from our communities and the sponsorship and support we receive from businesses and organizations, including the medical care providers that support our community!

This powerful documentary film is an opportunity to educate those that are yet unaware, give voice to those that are already suffering, and serves as a call to action for the changes needed in healthcare and society to prevent, recognize, and adequately treat Lyme & other tick-borne diseases at the earliest possible stage…as well as understand and care for those already impacted with chronic/persistent Lyme & other tick-borne diseases and conditions.

Much thanks goes out Winslow and Lindsay for making such a powerful, thoughtful, educational and provoking film…ripe for change-makers to embrace! And for joining us in CO!

Thanks to all of our partners that are helping us bring this film to various communities throughout CO! Sawyer for sponsoring the film tour, Chaffee County Public Health & Partnership for Community Action for partnering for the screenings in the heart of the Rockies, Wilkinson Library for making this film available in the secluded and beautiful SW CO, Telluride community, Rocky Mountain Women’s film Festival for hosting in Manitou Springs! And to our year-round community partners at Sawyer, Insect Shield, Ravel Health, IGeneX, and Functional Recovery and Enhancement for supporting all of our work!

Last, but not least, so much thanks to our Lyme community, doctors, patients, advocates and gracious volunteers for supporting each of these events!

The Quiet Epidemic: Broomfield

The Quiet Epidemic hit Colorado with a bang at Broomfield Auditorium on May 3rd. The theater was flooded with Lyme patients, caregivers, and other concerned citizens in the community. All agreed…this is a most powerful film… calling for the change needed for over 40 years!

Joined by the brilliant filmmakers, Winslow Crane-Winslow and Lindsay Keys, Lyme literate clinicians, Daniel Kinderlehrer, MD; Shawn Naylor, DO; Julie Barter, ND; Sharon P. Austin, PsyD; and Lyme patient/advocate Cath Boerder.

*Professional photography at the Broomfield event graciously donated by Michael Ryno Photography!

The Quiet Epidemic: Salida

Second stop on The Quiet Epidemic CO Film tour was at the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Salida, CO! This event was held in partnership with Chafee County Public Health and Partnership for Community Action.

Part of the Broomfield panel made the trek to Salida! We were joined by filmmakers Winslow Crane-Murdoch and Lindsay Keys; Lyme literate clinicians Julie Barter, ND and Sharon P. Austin, PsyD; and local Lyme advocates Ashley Stearns & Rev. Melinda Roberts! The audience was full of patients, caregivers and even other medical professionals! The film was received by this community as the powerhouse that it is!

The Quiet Epidemic: Buena Vista

In partnership with Chaffee County Public Health & Partnership for Community Action. Stardust Theater, Wednesday May 10th, 4:00pm-7:30 pm. RSVP here 

The Quiet Epidemic: Telluride

In partnership with Wilkinson Public Library, Wednesday May 17th, begins at 5:30pm. See event details here

The Quiet Epidemic: Manitou Springs

In partnership with Rocky Mountain Women’s Film, Film in the Community Program. June 17th, begins at 5:00. RSVP required. See event details here.

The Quiet Epidemic Virtual Screenings

For those that can not make it to one of these community events in person… visit The Quiet Epidemic for details on streaming opportunity beginning May 16th!