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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] ABOUT BUT SHE LOOKS FINE: THE MUSICAL This musical is an adaptation of the true memoir by Colorado teenager Olivia Goodreau about her battle with Lyme Disease and her journey towards activism and advocacy. Olivia created a non-profit organization called the LivLyme Foundation, who ALHS DRAMA has partnered with to produce the first-ever adaptation of the memoir. ALHS DRAMA Director Danya Firestone, with help from students, adapted the memoir into a staged production; incorporating existing music to help tell Olivia's story. Many young people and adults live with invisible illnesses; this show explores the journey of a young person navigating that challenge. Esta musical es una adaptación del verdadero libro de la experiencia de adolescente de Colorado Olivia Goodreau sobre su batalla con la enfermedad de Lyme y su viaje hacia el...